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Oh Dear, Spam!

It started in January, and it slowly grew, and in April it’s coming in a dozen or more times a day.  What is?  SPAM!  We’re getting lots of spam Comments on one blog post, “More Good Stuff.”

So today I activated Akismet, a free anti-spam tool that should ease the load of managing spam.  We’ll see if it does better than the built-in Comments management functions.

We’re Up!

I made the jump and moved our new WordPress site to  So far things seem to be running well.  The old site is still running on, I don’t know for how long.  Now I’m struggling a bit to get a site statistics plugin configured and running.

Ready to Go!

Sue has given me a lot more pictures of her products, and I’ve put them all in the Gallery, sorted by classification.  And tuned up lots of things.  It’s time to go live and install the new site under

For fun we’ve added a little contest to encourage people to browse around the site.

My First Blog Post

Here I sit with a cat on my lap, pondering what to do with my fun new website.  My husband, Kit, has been working on this website for a while now, and I am just trying to figure out how to edit on my own.  He surprised me by starting work on this site and has been very patient with me, waiting for me to send him photos and text to include in the website.  I have a lot to learn, but I’m pleased it going so well.  🙂

Hosting Problems

Last Wednesday I finally called GoDaddy to confirm I was on the right track with the WordPress website.  Michelle, the first person I talked to said there were some corrupted files in our legacy site, which she fixed.  She did a few other things, and when I launched the WordPress site I got an error message.

Well, that was just the beginning.  I called GoDaddy six times and talked with six tech support people, and — believe it or not — got six different diagnoses and six upgrades to our GoDaddy hosting software.  None of these worked until number six, Bob, who sold me a Managed WordPress hosting package.  It was relatively easy to port my original WordPress site, although a lot of the hypertext links were not correctly setup.

I could go on, but I’m going to go back to fixing links.

Progress Update

Well…  I got almost everything working as I would like.  Maybe it is time to show this to Sue!

Next priorities will be to get pictures from Sue and insert them.  And to work on fleshing out all the details on each page, including composing more text.




My website was updated on September 10, 2016. I hope you have found it and enjoy the pictures.

(Pardon my informality.  This was my first blog on Sue’s website, and I put the wrong date down, so I could wryly talk about it on the Reply.)