Artist’s Statement

Glass of all kinds and colors has fascinated me since childhood. I collected marbles and bits of glass for many years before discovering I was meant to work in glass.

My artwork uses beautiful glass, cut and assembled, then fired in a kiln. By varying types of glass, the amount of heat and the length of time for the firing I achieve many different looks and textures in the pieces.

Having started my glass career in stained glass, I am very detail oriented. I enjoy cutting lots of intricate pieces and blending them into a work that seems to take on a life of its own. Underwater scenes have starfish that seem to “dance.”

Some of my favorite work is my cat series. Though the pieces used are similar, each cat takes on it’s own personality when assembled and fired. I am most well known for the cats, but I enjoy working on a wide variety of pieces: everything from dishes to nightlights, wind chimes, picture frames, jewelry and clocks. I also make custom nightlights and wall hangings from clients’ photos of their pets.

I have been working in fused glass since 2001 and have been teaching fusing techniques at the Eugene Glass School since 2005. Some of my early and current work can be viewed on this website.